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INLEARC-project reaching its objectives


Erasmus+ funded project Intelligent E-learning Systems in Robotics/Mechatronics is reaching its objectives. Despite challenges caused by the Covid-19 situation all the partners from Estonia, Finland and Latvia have been able to deliver strategy and methodology for the digital teaching process development and also multiple use cases of robotics (Luomanmäki, 2021).

During the project’s final part, feedback for each use case was gathered from their corresponding target groups in all of the partner countries, Estonia, Finland, and Latvia after all the developed use cases were shared among the partners.

In addition to this feedback assessment, also INLEARC-casebook was developed describing each use case and its objectives. The case book called “Advanced Manufacturing” consists of teaching materials, which are available from the library and could be used by students through the digital teaching platform. Each partner worked out at least four different type of teaching materials.

The Erasmus+ funded project deliverables were finalized during the last meeting that was held in Riga, Latvia in May 12-13, 2022. Furthermore one of the main objectives of the meeting was to share feedback on all the use cases implemented during the project.

Juha-Matti Arola
Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences


Luomanmäki, T. (2021, September 16). INLEARC project enters to its final third [Online article].  Seinäjoki: Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. eSeAMK.