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International Student in a Finnish University of Applied Sciences: Finnish Language Practice as part of SeAMK team

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At SeAMK, we embody internationalism in various facets. Over the past month, we have served as a platform for practicing the Finnish language. In this context of language immersion, the acculturation process unfolds as a dynamic, reciprocal interaction. The international professional becomes an integral part of the professional community, engaging in the practice and utilization of the Finnish language, thereby enriching our understanding of the world. During this period, we gained valuable insights into the Brazilian education system and discovered the positive alternatives that the Finnish higher education system offers to international students. This article provides a glimpse into the perspectives of an international expert on studying and working in Finland. Explore their insights as they share experiences and reflections on the process of integration into both academic and professional life in Finland.

Who are you and where do you come from?

Hello everyone, this is Anderson, from Fortaleza-Brazil, and I would like to share with you all a little about my view on education in Finland. I’ve been living in Finland for 2 years and have had different experiences in this new country, mainly enjoying a unique cultural experience and its beautiful natural landscapes. With training as a psychologist and 10 years of versatile experience in various areas, I am currently studying Finnish in Seinäjoki, a city with approximately 65 thousand inhabitants. In addition to my Finnish studies, I actively participate in several open cybersecurity online courses from Finnish universities to further enrich my CV and skills.

What factors make studying in Finland worthwhile?

In this article I will highlight some of the many positive points that make Finland one of the best options for pursuing a degree or master’s degree and that Brazilian students should know closely when choosing the best country to study and live in. Finnish universities rely on student-centered, interactive and research-based teaching methods, not only to improve your grades, but also to prepare you for a collaborative, dynamic and lively work environment. Shifting the focus slightly to job prospects, Finland’s inclusive work culture becomes a valuable asset for students going beyond their studies. The positive and supportive work environment creates an ideal setting for the transition from academia to the professional world. 

High-Quality Education in Finnish and English, Safety Above All

If we think about quality, Finnish universities are known for offering high-quality education, consistently achieving high rankings in global educational assessments. Surprisingly for everyone in Brazil, it is possible to find that many bachelor’s and master’s programs in Finland are offered in English, making them easily accessible to those who already have a good command of English. Another aspect worth noting is Finland’s security; you can walk safely at any time without fear of theft or violence, which is already an immense advantage when considering living in a safe and peaceful place for all students.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Education as a Competitive Advantage

Considering studying abroad often brings to mind significant factors, and one in particular that always catches our attention is socioeconomic. So why not pay less for a high-quality education in the end? This is clearly one of the factors that plays a fundamental role in the choice of many Brazilian students who opt for higher education abroad, and Finland stands out for offering more affordable prices compared to many other universities in other countries. Additionally, Finland offers numerous scholarship opportunities to support international students in managing their costs.

Equality as a Tangible Experience

I personally felt the positive vibes from working here and let me tell you, it’s something special. The commitment to gender equality in the workplace is strong, creating an environment where personal and professional growth happens naturally. Finland’s work culture is so inclusive and supportive, which makes it a game-changer for students going beyond their studies. Whether you are seeking employment opportunities during your studies or preparing for a master’s degree, the lessons you can learn in Finland will take you far beyond the textbooks, shaping a complete and rewarding educational journey.

Consider Finland as a Educational Destination, Brazilian Perspective

In short, Finland emerges as one of the best destinations for Brazilian students that will offer not only a high-quality education, but also an inclusive and favourable environment for students from Brazil, which extends perfectly to their professional sphere. From affordable prices and scholarship opportunities to its emphasis on interactive teaching methods and commitment to gender equality in the workplace, Finland stands out as a comprehensive and enriching choice for those considering higher education abroad.

SeAMK – An Opportunity for Professional Growth as a University of Applied Sciences

As a university of applied sciences, we offer numerous opportunities for education and specialization in English-language degree programs. You can find information about our five degree programs with their respective specializations here:

Finnish Language Studies within Degree Programs

In our English-language degree programs, you will study the Finnish language as mandatory coursework for 4–6 study modules. This presents an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the Finnish language and culture, enabling you to build a life here. You are warmly welcomed to settle in South Ostrobothnia and study at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. Your own interest is the most significant investment to learn a new language, opening doors for employment in the South Ostrobothnian communities or paving the way for a Finnish-Brazilian career amid international opportunities.

Thank you! Nähdään pian! Obrigado.


Anderson Teixeira, Neuropsychologist, Cybersecurity, and Finnish Language Student

Maiju Kinossalo, Expert and Researcher in International Education Services, SeAMK

Maiju Kinossalo serves as an expert on Inclusion and integration at SeAMK and is pursuing a doctoral dissertation in education. Her research focuses on the construction of life-storied identity, practices that enhance integration, inclusion and participation, and the development of multilingual literacy. Kinossalo also coordinates projects aimed at promoting integration.


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