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Ten years of Global Master School!


Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences hosted the Global Master School this spring for the fifth time in its ten-year history. Our partners from TH As Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, University of Missouri-Saint Louis UMSL and Skoda Auto University brought their students and lecturers to Seinäjoki 16.5. – 21.5.2023. The company task this year was provided by our key partner Prima Power.

Working hard

During the week the students worked in international teams using the EWA methodology of collaboration solving the task provided by Prima Power. The company task was to consider blue ocean strategies to come up with innovation that could also be used for applying funding. The lectures and workshops included funding calls and applications, innovation and creativity, sustainability, and presentation skills.

Ryhmäkuva ihmisistä tehdassalissa.
Picture 1. Prima Power Company Visit (Elisa Kannasto).

Learning was enforced with the problem solving techniques and coaching that lecturers did during the whole process. Innovation was strongly encouraged and the groups were also encouraged to go beyond the typical frames of thinking. The intensive week caused pressure but it was also supported through constant presence, coaching and communal feeling.

At the end of the week after working through a set of workshops, the teams presented their ideas to the company and each other. Prima Power ended up with five unique ideas that brought our students best ideas forward.

Playing hard

In addition to studying and teamwork, Global Master School is also about visiting and learning about local culture and environment. Trips to Prima Power, Kyrö Distillery, Aarnikotkan Kota and of course visiting local restaurants provided a complete program to our visitors. The City of Seinäjoki hosted our welcome evening and the students got to hear why Seinäjoki is the capital of space and what there is to offer for international visitors, students and working life.

Ryhmäkuva ihmisistä kallion päällä, mäntyjä taustalla.
Picture 2. Enjoying the Finnish Nature (Elisa Kannasto).

While May is typically a quiet month in the SeAMK campus, this week brought laughter and great moments to Frami F. The beautiful nature and campus area were noticed and appreciated while our guests were getting to know the SeAMK life.

This was not the last of Global Master School, which is now celebrating its ten years of successful co-operation. November 2023 is again time for collaboration – this time in Aschaffenburg and it will be a great opportunity for SeAMK Master School students to join this international atmosphere of innovation.

Elisa Kannasto
Head of Master School
Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences